Demand Generation Portfolio

  • Omni-channel outreach activities to increase awareness.
  • Nurturing campaigns to engage and nurture the leads.
  • Sales enablement to help convert MQLs to Sales Opportunities.
Demand Generation Portfolio

Company: Frost & Sullivan


Frost & Sullivan works in a niche B2B industry – market research and growth consulting and faced increasing competition from big consulting firms globally. Frost & Sullivan operates in a global market with North America, EMEA, and APAC regions as key target markets for demand generation campaigns. We managed demand generation campaigns that generated leads and converted them to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by actively nurturing and engaging them with multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Demand Generation Strategy


  1. Identify the ideal buyer persona and use outreach activities to generate awareness among them.

  2. Manage nurturing marketing campaigns to nurture the leads.

  3. Create engaging opportunities with the prospects and convert them to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

  4. Help global sales teams to convert MQLs to sales opportunities.

Some of the marketing channels I used are:

Organic Social Media

Organic Social:

The organic social media posts (LinkedIn and Twitter) helped create interest among the audience. I posted short read content (1 to 5-minute read), gated content, Infographics, videos, and other engaging content that piqued the interest of the viewers. All the social media landing pages had strategically placed Call-To-Actions (CTAs). With judicious use of hashtags and A/B testing on content & infographics, I achieved higher conversion rates from the posts.

Press Releases:

I managed the creation of highly converting landing pages for press releases. I was responsible for ensuring the landing pages and the resources used in the press releases were as per the branding guidelines and followed the global marketing standard set by the product marketing team. I automated the lead scoring and assignment with JavaScript, which reduced the lead TAT. Press releases helped maximize the reach and served as a high engagement platform. This improved the voice of the brand and engagement rate.

Press Releases

Database Marketing (ABM) with Oracle Eloqua:

Since we had an extensive database of contacts, I used database marketing principles with Oracle Eloqua. I segmented the target audience based on their past interaction. I designed highly personalized email campaigns with high importance to customer privacy and communication timing. The nurturing email campaigns were highly successful in upselling and cross-selling new services to existing clients and generated a high conversion rate. I was also responsible for cleaning and updating the database to avoid data decay and improving data accuracy.

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